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You Tell Me!

Welcome to the FIMP "You Tell Me!" competition, where you provided the perfect text to accompany a quirky drawing by Marti Haykin.

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Drawing #1

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Drawing #3

Once all the entries were in, our judge, Dr. Paul Moriarty, selected one winner for each drawing. This winner received the drawing itself - a ballpoint pen drawing on an index card by Marti Haykin! Then Paul selected a grand prize winner - the best of the best from these three - who also received a subscription to the Fiji Island Mermaid Press Book of the Month club. Zowie!

Paul is a philosophy professor at Longwood College & University in Virginia. His specialty is environmental ethics. He can tell you which creme-wafers actually contain no creme whatsoever (look for the "Kreme" and you're home-free). He has been vomitted on by baby birds, he has spoken through sign language with our furry primate friends, he compiles lists of songs that have the words "Na na" in them, he slept once in a herd of elk and sang songs to keep bears from eating him, is an accomplished photographer, has gutted fish in Alaska, and was one of the founding members of the Squealing Undulations, a band known for its inability to perform. We couldn't have asked for a better judge for this competition.