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The following statement by the organizer of this portfolio is printed on the back of the colophon, and acts as an excellent introduction to this collection of images:

"SHOCK&AWE&? is a xerographic response/replicating print virus searching for/dispensing meaning&confusion&? resulting from the hostile and unilateral action (spi(n)aimed 'Operation Iraqi Freedom') instigated by the Bush Administration and subsequently backed by the United States Congress. Shock and awe certainly describes what most people who prefer hope&collaboration over fear&domination felt when the hostilities began in Iraq. This portfolio examines some of the other emotions/thoughts experienced. Any venue agreeing to show this portfolio must also agree to make copies of each of the xerographs and make them available to the public free of charge. Those taking copies pledge to do the same. Thanks&Praise to all who participated, will participate, & to Felix Gonzalez-Torres.

The upside down flag that appears on the front of the colophon is not a symbol of disrespect, but rather a symbol of distress. The image was conceived by the organizer of the folio, Tim Dooley, and does not necessarily represent the views of all of the participants. Stars displaced by bombs reflects the true American spirit of hope&collaboration ousted by a new(old) spirit of fear&domination. Those adhering to the former vision had better get out and vote in 2004." Tim Dooley 2003

FIMP is delighted to be hosting this exhibition. In the spirit of the xerographic portfolio, each image in the following gallery is accompanied by a larger, printable version. You will get the best results by copying the image onto your own desktop, and printing from there, instead of printing from your browser. Each image has been sized to fit on a standard sheet of paper, as long as you pay attention to the orientation of the print. To keep this print virus travelling, be sure to post your prints and send the curious here to see the show.

The Exhibition colophon

Rugaya Abbas

Amna Azaabi

Lisa Bulawsky

Lisa Bulawsky

Lisa Bulawsky

Charles Cohan

Teresa Cole

Tim Dooley

Matthew Egan

Bill Fick

Bill Fisher

Stephen Goddard

Ruth Godellei

Anita Jung

Linda Hamade

Janice Hartwell

Dusty Herbig

Robert Hirsch

John Hitchcock

Kent Kapplinger

Michael Krueger

Beauvais Lyons

Cedar Marie

Heather Muise

Kristin Powers Nowlin

Nabila Obaid

Dan Reetz

Adelle Roberts

Selma Tufail

Ella Van Wyck

Aaron Wilson

Mark Wilson and Phyllis McGibbon