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You can find high-quality limited-edition chapbooks at Billy Roberts' Bottle of Smoke Press. Marc provided a linocut to accompany the Bottle of Smoke Press broadside collection "Bottle #1", and a chapbook reproducing his literary themed linocuts is being beautifully assembled by this press, available in late 2003.

Surf over to Artbureau, directed by Bert Benson, or check out his "ME" book here at FIMP! Artbureau is a forum for artwork on the web and in print. Marc had artwork published in Art Bureau #2, and will have more published in early 2004. Be sure to pick it up before they're all gone!

The X-Ray Book and Novelty Company produces incredibly elegant broadsides and chapbooks, along with "X-Ray Magazine". Marc's tiny book "Ghosts" was included in X-Ray #9.

All of FIMP's poet friends out there should submit poems to Free Lunch , a poetry journal edited by Ron Offen with the mission to give a free subscription to every serious poet in America. Free Lunch #30 will feature one of Marc's linocuts on its cover.

The visual art and poetry of Henry Denander is truly wonderful. He's another contributor to the FIMP "ME" book gallery.

Heinz Stefan Bartkowiak's forum book art Hamburg includes FIMP in its listings. The only downside here is that I get mysterious German spam now and then. . .

Luc Fierens is the most prolific mail-artist in Belgium, and a contributor to the "ME" project! Visit his and Annina van Sebroeck's Mail Art website.

Here are two sites that FIMP guarantees will make a bad day better: Billy Blob and Flip Flop Flyin'. Sites like these are why the web should exist. Required viewing on Billy Blob's site is the short animated film "Bumble Beeing", and don't miss the interview at the end with Mr. Butter Fly. Craig Robinson's Flip Flop Flyin' proves the power of the pixel in making art.

Did you know that "Agurk" is the Danish word for cucumber? If you would like to learn how to play a hearts-like card game named after this vegetable, surf on over to this web site. Agurk is the Fiji Island Mermaid Press' card game of choice because it's the only game we know of where it's possible to "fimp". Here's a small sample from the Agurk page:

The simplest strategy is to try to survive each deal without taking the last trick. This is done by estimating at what level the last trick is likely to be taken and playing to get rid of cards at or above that level. To play this way is called to fimp. Fimping is an inferior strategy in the long run. Among seasoned players, "fimp" is a derogatory word. Even so, with inferior cards, fimping is the only available strategy.

We are somewhat saddened to hear that fimp is a derogatory word.