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Artist's books produced and presented
by the Fiji Island Mermaid Press.


A Short Short Fairy Tail Tale
The Secret of Family Happiness
Drawing Faces is Easy FAQ
Devil's Work
Three Foods
Micro Psycho
Round Up The Usual Suspects
3 Poets for the I.S.C.A. Quarterly June Book Edition
Idyll Idle Idol
Names He Could Have Given His Horse
Six (6) Lousy Names for Girls


The Day Before His Great Fall
The Menace of Monkey Man
The FBI's Least Wanted List
How To Be A Magician In Three Easy Steps
Dubious Honors


When I Cry My Tears Smell Like Chocolate
Ghosts for X-Ray Magazine
Art is Art
First Draft
Thinking and BF Disease
Chickens and Roads: A History
4 Things
So You Want To Be A Super Power?
Six Lousy Names for Boys
Explorations of the Human Form In Contemporary Sculpture


The Tailgating Spinster
The Pursuit of Truth, Justice, Validity, and Healing
Things Don't Just Happen
Small Change
How To Draw Jean-Paul Sartre
FIMP's Crypto-Zoological Field Work
T-Ray and the Magic Mountain
Body Language
We the People
Six Good Things


American Dreaming
An Aberrant Coloring Book for Atypical Children
Threat Gestures
Optical Realities
2 Stories
Understanding Quantum Mechanics
How To Draw Sigmund Freud
Before and After
Battleground State
The Right Answers


Us and Them by Marc Snyder
Time Waits for Snow Man
How to Explain Joseph Beuys "How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare" to a Dog
Ode to a Hummer
Neither Baffled Nor Amazed
Great Dog Walks in Hamden CT
Burnt Cookies
How Not To Tell A Joke
Meet The Press
Once Upon A Time
Don't Worry It's Just A Bad Dream
Life's Questions Answered


Dear Mr. President
Little Ball of Yarn
How To Have Gruntled Employees
Thinking About Thinking
Nightly News
John Cage: Stand-Up Comic
Baby Monitor
Startlingly Lifelike Tableaux
Game Face
A Mime of the Times


New Year's Resolutions
The Revolution
Wax Wings
50 Places I've Already Seen
Casting Call
News You Can Use!
More Things The Chicken Did


I Want You!
Hats Versus Cigarettes
New Works: Rachel Snyder
Ou est Philippe?
Body Language: Election 2008
I'm Not Being Ironic


Morphine Makes Me Maudlin
LIVE! from the Black Box
Makes A Lousy Gift
A Few Other Houses by Frank Lloyd Wright
So I Asked My 3 Year Old


That Dream, Y'know?
Dirty Words: an illustrated guide for concerned parents
Moore's Law
Before and After (oil spill edition)
How To Draw Ernest Hemingway
Excuse Me, Humanity? Mr. Anteater Would Like A Word With You
Where Are They Now?
Red Sky At Night
Do You Recall The Other Mutant Reindeer That Santa Found Useful In Extreme Conditions?


What Birds Want
How To Be A Stand-Up Comic In Three Easy Steps
Barnabas Google, Thespian
Small Room Blues
Inside of a Fire Animal
Fortune Cookies


Surprising Cows
Welcome To Las Vegas