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Luc and Annina Exhibition

Luc Fierens and Annina Van Sebroeck are Belgian mail-artists active in the international Mail-Art Network. Mail-art, postcards, xerox-art, collages, murals, artistamps, artists' books, visual poetry, drawings, rubber stamps, fax art, internet art, and small-press publications are all media employed by Fierens and Van Sebroeck. Fluxus events and performances are also part of their ongoing artistic activity. There is a consistent commitment in their activities to art as a transmission of ideas from one person to the next - this is artwork that aims to create community, not precious objects.

This exhibition presents eight works on paper by these two very prolific artists. Luc Fierens' collages and Annina Van Sebroeck's paintings on paper stand alone as art objects, but also can be seen as a small glimpse of a continuing stream of ideas and images and connections that reflect a full engagement with artmaking as a vital, thinking, growing, living activity.

Luc Fierens

Visual Poem 1
Visual Poem 2
Visual Poem 3
Visual Poem 4

Annina Van Sebroeck

Untitled 1
Untitled 2
Untitled 3
Untitled 4

These collages and paintings are available for purchase. The Visual Poems are $50, the Untitled Paintings are $40. Interested buyers should contact FIMP, and we will put you in touch with the artists.